Value engineering


With the increasing focus on cost reduction, we know the importance of value engineering and our role in providing our customers, with great products, exceptional service and best value. Our timber frame solutions compared to brick and block provide a range of cost savings you may not have expected.

•  Reduced site prelim costs
•  Savings in labour with increased speed of build
•  Lower cranage and scaffolding costs with less time on site
•  Reduced material disposal costs
•  Reduced carpentry costs as windows and door frames can be factory fitted
•  Reduced labour and materials costs for insulation and dry lining
•  Reduced site and office overheads

An accelerated build with reduced costs provides a quicker return on capital outlay. Add these financial benefits to the cost equation and a Stewart Milne Timber Systems solution is without question the lower risk and the most cost effective way to control and reduce build costs of any project.

When you’re assessing project costs, the following should be taken into account. When you build with timber frame, we can contribute to cost savings in each of these areas. Just ask us for details.

•  Cost of material wastage – environmental and landfill costs
•  Cost certainty with fixed price
•  Call-off options with short lead times allows effective cash management
•  Prelim costs

Cost benchmarking

Our range of products offer a competitive solution over other methods of construction. Our systems offer higher levels of prefabrication and faster build of the main super structure, reducing the site management required to supervise and co-ordinate follow-on materials fitted on site. This ensures the focus on site remains on quality, health and safety. Our range of solutions build in assured performance, benefiting you now and in the future when building regulations change.

Our pre insulated options Sigma® OP2 and Sigma® OP4 reduce on site costs and on site assembly which increase the cost competitiveness on sites.

Our Sigma® OP solution offers:

•  Competitive open pre-insulated panel options
•  Faster and more predicable to build
•  More reliable to build, with less supervision
•  Less prone to workmanship and weather related quality problems
•  Less prone to unforeseen cost overruns

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