Timber party wall construction


We offer a zero U-value party wall solution, fully filled cavity with insulation and effective edge sealing.

This timber frame wall system utilises RD Ltd. E-WT-1 and E-WT-2 solutions with fibre insulation between the party wall frames and floor zones in accordance with MIMA Design Guidance. The insulation between the frames can be fitted as part of the system erection. The sequence of erection allows for one leaf to be installed, with or without sheathing, insulation fitted and then the second leaf erected, to complete the process. The use of insulated flexy fire barriers to both sides and between the timber frame party wall ends, is sufficient to achieve effective edge sealing. Where required the system provides sheathing for racking strength and secure by design compliance, ideally to one leaf only of the party wall.

Where air tightness less than 3 is specified, we recommend the fitting of an air tightness membrane to the face of the studwork, after acoustic insulation is fitted and before plaster boarding is installed. The membrane should be taped to the perimeter wall heads and sealed at laps, ends and junctions, penetrations should be limited, but where required, taped and sealed accordingly. It is recommended where heavily serviced walls occur i.e. kitchens, that an additional service batten and plasterboard layer is fitted to provide a service zone with the party wall intact behind. The fitting of the membrane should be sequenced after the building is weather tight and before first fix, to allow an interim air tightness test to be completed, before services installation. Air tightness membranes are normally supplied and fitted by the contractor.

Where air tightness is greater than 3, the plasterboard can act as the air barrier, with appropriate sealing at edges and joints. Fitting of plasterboard should be similar to the sequence required for the air membrane solution, to allow an interim test to be completed, if desired.


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