We have a good working relationship with Stewart Milne Timber Systems; the quality of the product is second to none and that’s because they are so professional with what they do

Nyron Wood Jehu Project Services Ltd

“Their service is excellent with everything, from when they come on site to when they go off site.”
I’ve done a couple of timber frame, high storey flats with them before on the last two projects, and this project was housing.  It’s all about how the houses go up and I can’t speak highly enough of them.  Their speed of erection is facilitated by how well they are organised around the kit and their deliveries, the supervision on site and the on site team.  

“It starts at the warehouse with the design.”  
The cutting lists come in and I’m confident that the plan that comes in will fit where it’s supposed to, and the delivery system is good as you’ll have the roof trusses before the first floor joists.   The quality is there, along with the level of product and speed of construction.  It’s the whole package.  

“I would choose them again because of the professionalism they bring to the table, and the time scale is a massive factor.”
They come out before or on time and they never, ever come out late on the project block of houses.  They always come out early and that’s a big plus for a construction company.  As a company, we always do assessments of sub-contractors after the job to see how they did with their performance and health and safety.  We have a scoring matrix and, at the stage where we’d take them on board, that would have a lot to do with why we pick them.  Stewart Milne Timber Systems doesn’t just score highly on my jobs, but throughout everything they do for us, and they have a reasonable price.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Timber Systems...
...for the overall quality and product that they turn out for me.


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