The building goes up and that's it; job done! Like most things in life, you get what you pay for which is why I use Stewart Milne Timber Systems...

Aman Manku, Technical Manager, Crest Nicholson

Sure, you could probably find a cheaper timber kit company elsewhere, but they wouldn’t be nearly as good.

You get an excellent service from Stewart Milne Timber Systems, especially on the technical and design side of things. Paul Lomas in the technical department is excellent, as is Brett Townsend on the sales side of things. They are very good at meeting deadlines and are proactive, especially at the design stage.

So much of the initial design goes hand in hand with what goes on top of the timber frame. Stewart Milne really understand that and work very closely to ensure that design and construction work well together.

This is the third time I’ve worked with Stewart Milne Timber Systems and I would use this team again and again. It’s because they coordinate well. We now know how each other works and have got everything set up to ensure that we meet the deadlines. It’s so simple really. The building goes up and that’s it; job done!

I would certainly recommend Stewart Milne Timber Systems because they know what they’re doing and work well together. That’s why I’d recommend them.


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