Stewart Milne Timber Systems are professional and approachable

Paul Halloran Triton Construction Limited

Stewart Milne Timber Systems understand what they are doing
I’ve worked with Stewart Milne Timber Systems in the past so I was happy with our client’s choice to work with them. This is a standard project for them so it went as well as I expected and we had a hassle free completion. There are a lot of small companies around that toy around but Stewart Milne Timber Systems are professional and we’ve had no problems with them.

Stewart Milne Timber Systems provide good quality work
When working with Stewart Milne Timber Systems you know that your project will be correctly designed, manufactured and installed. We had no issues with them but you know that if there were any problems, they’d be actioned straight away. Other companies don’t always give you that comfort.

I would definitely recommend Stewart Milne Timber Systems because...
...of their professionalism and their actions both off-site and pre-site. We had a good working relationship with them and they provided a good design from the architects brief.


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