Even though we are 8000 miles away, Stewart Milne Timber Systems delivered us a great quality product which was so easy to put together

Ian Stewart

“We relied on their expertise to turn drawings into timber frame kits and, in twenty years, they haven’t let us down.”
They are experts in their field, we only have to send them a basic sketch and from that they provide us with full timber kit drawings in a timely manner.  We could send them a scribble on the back of a fag packet and they would come up with something.  

“The kits are so well designed and of such a fantastic quality, it makes putting them together feels like child’s play.”
They were extremely good at understanding the architect’s complex drawings and transferring these to a full timber frame kit design which worked.  The timber frame being so well designed made our lives really easy, it just turned up and we put it together like a jigsaw puzzle.  

“Although we are 8000 miles away, they provide us with everything we needed to complete a complex job with ease.”
Stewart Milne Timber Systems offers you the full service.  Although they use contractors for things like electrics, they pull it all together and it works incredibly well.   We are on the Falkland Islands, 8000 miles away from the UK, so it is very complex dealing with us. However, they arrange the shipping, cranes, everything - and all within the time-scale that we want.
“Everyone at Stewart Milne Timber Systems is focused on getting things done, no matter what the job.”
Although I have dealt with different people within the company, they are all focused on getting the job done.  It is very quick to put up a timber frame house but this hotel extension was much more complex.  Once the customer was happy, the ball started rolling and with Stewart Milne Timber Systems doing it for us, it all happened very quickly.

I’d definitely recommend Stewart Milne Timber Systems...
...because the quality and the service are both excellent; if they weren’t, I wouldn’t still be using them after twenty years!


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