Whilst I wasn’t responsible for picking Stewart Milne Timber Systems, everyone knows who they are and that they are be a very professional outfit...

Scott Stobie, Site Manager, Clark Contracts Ltd

The drawings they provided were very good
We had a little issue on site where things were done back to front, so in order to rectify this they supplied us with a joiner to come and accurately mark out/set the positions. This was relayed on the drawings, but I didn't expect Stewart Milne Timber Systems to do that and they did. They helped us manage the job and push it on.

Everything is done in a professional manner
We can really see the good standards Stewart Milne have set themselves. Their teams work really well together and they have put the timber kit up on site really quickly; in fact they put it up within a day, which was very impressive. It stems back to the drawings which were very good and the fact there were no mistakes. Overall we’ve been really impressed with them.

If I had the choice, I would definitely work with Stewart Milne Timber Systems again…
…Because they have made my life easy working on this project. I don't have to chase them for paperwork and it is a pleasure to have them on site. The people on site are friendly and professional.


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