Feb 01, 2018

UK Construction Industry urged to increase integration to drive success

The days of taking up to six months to construct a single home using bricks and mortar are well and truly past, thanks to increasing confidence in the use of modern offsite construction solutions and the growing necessity to move towards timber frame construction due to rising skill shortages and reduced labour pools in a post-Brexit UK.

Many of our larger clients are taking steps towards greater integration in the build process by increasing their use of offsite timber frame solutions in residential projects. Some of the key benefits of utilising offsite manufacturing with timber frame solutions include a faster build time without compromising on quality and safety; precision engineering to reduce wastage and ensure a superior end-product; and overall cost savings with greater control and less risk across the build process.

However, timber frame solutions are also providing increased opportunities for greater integration across the supply chain, which is helping to deliver further cost savings and efficiencies. Whilst the UK construction industry is yet to embrace full integration, other industries outside of construction are showing the benefits of even greater integration across the supply chain and build process.

By observing the automotive industry and researching international housing markets, like Japan, Germany and Sweden, we are seeing a wealth of ideas and lessons that can be transferred and applied to the UK construction industry. These industries have shown that it’s possible to integrate the entire production process of a product (or home), whilst improving quality of build, through a streamlined and collaborative supply chain and maintaining surety of delivery, reduced waste and time across the whole delivery process, from concept to completion.

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