Sep 28, 2016

Experience the benefits of offsite construction at October factory tour

With most things in life, seeing is believing and up close allows us to appreciate it even more. That’s how we feel about our timber systems, and more importantly, the offsite method we use to construct them.

Our factory in Witney is unique and we regularly encourage industry professionals to come along and see it for themselves. We want them to experience first-hand the benefits offsite construction and timber systems can offer to a project in terms of speed, scale, cost, quality and performance – to name a just a few advantages.

In just over a month’s time, on the 26 October, we will open the doors to our Witney facility for the second time this year.

At our upcoming facility tour, professionals can expect to be shown around our Witney base, understand the offsite construction process step-by-step, ask our specialists questions and share knowledge with like-minded people.

So, if you think you might be interested in attending in October, what else will you learn about us?

About the process – From one of ten mills in our supply chain, our timber arrives directly to our factory where we design and manufacture our timber build systems to meet a variety of performance standards for individual projects. In a custom-designed factory rather than a building site, we eliminate the labour, skills and weather concerns that may hold up traditional, masonry projects. In our factories, conditions are always optimum.

About our products and their performance – Our products are manufactured offsite ensuring exacting performance standards and consistent high quality. We precision-engineer our timber systems using modern and automated factory processes and robust ISO (International Organization for Standardization) procedures. Using this method, it takes around 120 minutes to construct a full kit for an entire home and our factory can produce 28 timber build systems per day. In a year, we manufacture around 10,000 timber units with the ability to double capacity when necessary.

About our people – Starting at concept stage, our experienced teams provide technical guidance and value engineering throughout every step of the process. From engineers, technical specialists and construction teams, they work to deliver projects on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards. The earlier our team can engage with a client, the more value they can bring.

About how offsite construction and timber systems can enhance profitability – Offsite construction significantly reduces both labour and material costs. Since our timber systems are precision-engineered offsite, they arrive on site exactly when required and are ready to be erected by our expert teams. There is less reliance on trade skills and on-site supervision, as the faster build of the main structures reduces the management required to co-ordinate on-site trades. Once the timber systems are transported to site, a typical four bedroom detached home can be erected, wind protected and made watertight in as little as five days. This allows early deployment of follow on trades and the accelerated build time produces a quicker return on capital outlay, with site prelim expenditure reduced by up to 30%.

And some other facts about our factory?

• 100% waste is recycled;

• We can manufacture 28 timber build systems per day;

• We produce the equivalent of 10,000 timber systems homes per year;

• We have the capacity for 142km wall panels;

• We have the capacity for 141,000m2 floor cassettes;

• We can offer 3 week call offs;

• We report less than 4.5% product waste;

• We can double capacity when required.

To see first-hand our Witney facility and how offsite construction and timber systems can benefit your next project, join us on the 26 October by signing up here: /why-us/factory-tour

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