Jul 25, 2016

Offsite construction ideal for improved sustainability

There’s a particular responsibility placed on the shoulders of the construction industry when it comes to sustainability. Perhaps because the built environment is one of the UK’s largest sources of emissions.

But building with timber (one of the most natural building fabrics available) is highly effective in ensuring an energy-efficient building and sustainable build process. Buildings constructed with timber are actually net carbon stores, rather than emitters. This readily available material, paired with an offsite method of construction is a recipe for success in guaranteeing high energy performance in buildings and overall developments.

Why should it matter to you?

Well, firstly, according to the Climate Change Act, we need to report an 80% drop in carbon emissions from homes by 2050. But not only can building offsite using timber systems help lock-in sustainability, it can help housebuilders, architects, developers and contractors realise a cost-effective, high-quality, fast and, most importantly, profitable project every time.

What can we do to help you meet sustainability targets?

Our experienced team are with you from the very beginning of your project - at the initial concept and design stages - right through to construction and erection. By taking a hands-on approach and providing a consultation service throughout, we can factor in energy performance at every stage of the process – especially during the manufacturing stages, where we ensure the timber systems are precision-engineered to exact client requirements.

Stewart Milne Timber Systems focus on a fabric first approach, with the energy efficiency of the building built-in. Our award-winning Sigma II Build System is a closed-panel wall solution that has been used in a variety of projects, from educational builds to high-performing housing developments, successfully helping clients achieve high performance standards cost effectively.

And the other benefits?

Speed: As well as sustainability, offsite construction significantly increases speed and volume of your build. At our Witney factory, we have the capacity to produce around 10,000 timber units per year. Manufacturing offsite means we can build ten blocks of terraced houses five weeks earlier than if building with masonry or other on-site solutions. In addition, once on site, a typical four bedroom detached home can be erected, wind protected and made watertight in as little as five days.

Cost: It’s cost-effective as offsite construction can significantly reduce both labour and material costs, with less reliance on trade skills and on-site supervision. The faster build of the main structures reduces the management required to supervise and co-ordinate on-site trades. The accelerated build time provides a quicker return on capital outlay, and site prelim expenditure can be reduced by up to 30%.

Guaranteed quality: Manufactured in an automated factory environment, each build system is quality controlled throughout the design and manufacture process and then constructed on site with trained erector teams. Quality manufacture and quality build combine to ensure the very best product and building.

Find out how offsite construction and timber systems could contribute to your next project. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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