Apr 12, 2016

Performance, precision and pace: why your next project needs the Sigma II build system

If necessity is the mother of invention, innovation could well be its father – and our Sigma II build system is the outcome of a requirement for an innovative answer to some of the construction sector’s most pressing challenges.

In particular, the skills shortage currently faced by the construction industry, and the ongoing requirement for controlling costs while maintaining high standards of delivery, need an effective solution.

Our Sigma II build system, the result of a two-year research programme, is an award-winning, fabric-first solution which is precision engineered to your requirements. Having a closed panel solution like the Sigma II build system at the heart of your project can have many benefits. Here are some of the reasons it should be part of your next build:

1. Assured performance

Our Sigma II build system is affordable and reliable, providing a robust and effective solution to achieving high levels of energy performance. By making it part of your build, it allows for a “fit and forget” approach – in other words, performance is built in and there’s no need to retrofit aftermarket energy efficiency measures. It also offers excellent built-in air tightness. By offering a membrane free wall solution and using inner sheathing as the primary air barrier, an air tightness rating as low as 1.5 can be achieved, enhancing the efficiency of a building.

2. Manufactured offsite, ensuring high quality and efficiency

The Sigma II build system is manufactured offsite, meaning a high quality, precision engineered system can then be speedily erected on site, with less waste and transportation. The Sigma II Build System is designed by our product innovation team and ensures high energy performance standards are met. Some of its features include: closed panel and fully insulated wall solutions; built-in air tightness, detailing and seals and pre-fitted service cavities.

3. Hassle free cost benchmarking  

Cost benchmarking becomes hassle free and your project can be more cost efficient by using the Sigma II build system. The offsite manufacture of the Sigma II build system helps to realise project cost savings, since supervision and site management requirements are significantly reduced. The Sigma II build system is also less prone to attracting unexpected costs than other methods of construction.

4. Fast and predictable speed of build

The Sigma II build system can increase the predictability and speed of your build. Stewart Milne Timber Systems was able to build a terrace of three homes in just eight weeks using the Sigma II build system; by comparison a masonry build typically takes around 18 weeks. The build programme benefits in both time and cost. For a project of ten terraced blocks, it’s possible to save £45,460, the equivalent of 10 weeks in time compared to using masonry. The increased build speed afforded by the Sigma II build system helps realise savings in prelim and finance charges; typical prelim costs are around £4,200 per week and development interest charges are around £346 per week. These can be saved by adopting the Sigma II build system.

The Sigma II build system reduces risk, assures energy performance and allows quicker build times. The question is: why wouldn’t it be part of your next project?

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