Feb 26, 2016

The onsite benefits of offsite construction

A lot can happen in a month.

Building an entire home is one of them thanks to offsite construction and timber systems. The benefits offsite construction has on the build time of a project onsite is significant, and has a positive effect on much of the follow on trades.

Here are five ways that offsite construction can benefit onsite:

  • Speed of build – Our timber build systems are manufactured in automated quality controlled factories and transported 'just in time' to site for construction. Our experienced erect teams manage the build, ready to hand over to follow on trades seamlessly. A project of ten blocks of terraced houses can be completed five weeks earlier than if building using masonry. The build is also simplified, with fabric performance assured and the structure can be watertight in a matter of days, allowing earlier access for follow-on trades.
  • Value engineered – We work with clients from the outset of projects to completion, enabling us to contribute to reducing cost and streamlining the build process.   We ensure that reducing cost while maintaining quality is a priority in both the manufacturing and construction stages making it easier for clients to focus to the next stages of the project.
  • All-weather builds - Offsite manufacturing allows building projects to run smoothly and on time - even in harsh weather conditions. The winter months can often cause building onsite to come to a halt, but using offsite construction and timber systems can ensure projects meet crucial deadlines.
  • Reduces costs – Offsite construction can reduce both labour and material costs. There is less reliance on trade skills and onsite supervision and the faster build of the main structures reduces the management required to supervise and co-ordinate onsite trades. The accelerated build time provides a quicker return on capital outlay, and site prelim costs can be reduced by up to 30%. Carpentry costs are also reduced, as windows and door frames can be factory fitted if required.
  • Reduced waste – Material wastage onsite is reduced as precision-engineered build systems are delivered from the factory just in time for construction. Offsite construction helps control waste as 100% of the leftover material produced in our factories is recycled.


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