Dec 21, 2015

Four ways timber systems can help to streamline your build

Who doesn’t want to make their build more efficient and cost-effective? Despite the range of projects undertaken by construction companies, they all tend to share the same priorities – namely managing costs, meeting performance standards, and making build programmes as effective as they can be.

A streamlined build starts at the design stage. We work alongside client design teams to provide our input from day one, which means a smoother project once things are underway. That can cover all elements of the job, and ensures your project is delivered on time to budget, with value and efficiency built-in from the start.  

In practice that means less waste, lower costs, better health & safety profiles, and faster sales. Here are a few ways timber systems can help achieve this:

1. Collaborate during the initial design stage

Right from the beginning our experienced team provide support to you through technical guidance and value engineering. As partners throughout the build process, we work with you at every stage: from concept design information and guidance, full timber system design manufacture to delivery and construction on site.

2. Choose offsite construction to increase volume and reduce on-site labour

Offsite construction today is an innovative, factory-controlled way of manufacturing high-quality, high-performance systems, enabling fast on-site build with lower health and safety risk, fewer skilled labour requirements, minimal waste on site and improved speed of build. A typical four bedroom detached house can be erected in a little as five days - fully wind and water tight, ready for follow-on trades.

3. Benefit from flexible lead-in times and no capacity constraints

Another advantage of offsite construction, in combination with timber systems, is factory precision in both quality control and cost certainty. Lead-in times and call-off periods are also much more flexible. We worked with Lewis Hickey Architects on Essex University’s BREEAM Excellent student accommodation. The project was delivered in just 11 weeks, significantly quicker than if it had been delivered by traditional construction methods.

4. Wind and water tight in just a few days

Timber systems are designed to achieve high performance standards while delivering robust panelised products that can be used successfully across a wide range of projects from housing to multi-storey hotels, hospitals to schools. For those projects that have to be completed through the winter months, offsite manufacturing can be a major benefit, allowing projects to be built through wind, rain and snow - on time and on budget.

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