Oct 05, 2015

Offsite is the answer to the skills shortage question

The skills shortage in the building industry has dominated the headlines lately, with almost two-thirds of small builders reporting they are being forced to turn away work because of labour shortages. But, for those builders who are aware of the options, there is a simple and immediate solution: offsite construction.

Offsite construction is a simple, cost effective way to deliver your projects on time and within budget while avoiding delays caused by labour and skills shortages. As such, we’ve noticed a significant increase in demand for offsite construction and timber frame as contractors look for ways to accommodate growing demand.

Reduced on site labour requirements

Components are designed, manufactured and pre-assembled in our factories, using precision engineering with enhanced with modern factory processes to ensure uniform and highest quality, while reducing waste.

The build systems are then transported and can be erected quickly on site by our team of experts. This significantly reduces the labour required onsite, as well as the length of the build programme any labour will be required for.

As an example, the superstructure of a typical three bedroom home can be weather-proof within 72 hours, allowing follow-on trades to get in earlier and further contribute to the already enhanced speed of build.  We have also delivered timber systems for large hospital buildings in as little as five weeks.

Additionally, the flexibility of our timber systems means that different levels of pre-fabrication can be used to further reduce skilled labour requirements on site through designing, manufacturing and installing pre-insulated floor cassettes, stair flights and roof trusses as required.

Guaranteed quality, performance and delivery

Builders are under pressure to keep up with the ongoing rising demand, and don’t want to have to jeopardise the quality of the builds they produce. Turning to offsite construction guarantees a high quality method of construction that offers certainty of cost, quality and delivery through assured products, highly sophisticated factory processes, and guaranteed capacity.

Our Aberdeen and Oxford factories can produce some 10,000 timber systems per year, with the ability to flex our capacity up or down depending on the project, while the fabric first design of our products ensures built-in performance.

Offsite is the answer

The ongoing skills shortage highlights a real need for innovation across the industry, which is why offsite construction is the ideal solution. It reduces the impact of labour shortages, allows high-quality build programmes in a fraction of the time, and delivers built-in performance.  All this adds up to a highly cost-effective and simple way to build. 

Offsite construction is also suited a range of industries: we have provided our products and offsite construction solutions for everything from small private housing develops to large hospital and student accommodation builds. Check out our case studies for some examples.

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