What is offsite construction?


Offsite construction is at the heart of every project we complete. It is a mainstream and intelligent approach to building, tackling a number of modern construction challenges such as speed, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. The durability of our systems is down to the way they are manufactured, using a fabric first approach constructed within factory conditions. From design to delivery, offsite construction ensures every step is a success.

Quality assured offsite construction

Our systems are precision engineered in an automated factory environment, not a building site, with conditions that are optimum for manufacturing. This reduces the margin for error and enables us to produce products of a consistently high standard, using machinery and processes which are industry-accredited. Each build system is quality controlled throughout the design and manufacturing process, ensuring it matches the specification of each individual project. We value engineer each step of the process to control costs and streamline the build process.

Fabric First

We use a fabric first approach which is the most cost-effective and efficient way to meet performance standards. Fabric first means that energy efficiency measures are integrated into the building envelope and its components, reducing the need for retrofit energy efficiency measures such as heating and ventilation systems. This enables a ‘fit and forget’ approach, guaranteeing quality and ensuring a seamless handover to follow-on trades, and fewer on-going maintenance requirements. Timber itself is a natural carbon sink, delivering energy reductions of up to 33 per cent.

Speed of build

Offsite construction significantly increases the speed of your build by reducing build time both in the factory and on site. A factory environment means that challenging weather conditions are never a setback, allowing projects to run on time and meet crucial deadlines come rain or shine. Units are precision-engineered rapidly into panel systems and simply fitted together on site. The expertise of our erector teams means that projects take shape quickly - a typical four bedroom detached home can be erected and made wind and watertight in just five days. At our Witney factory in Oxfordshire, we have the capacity to produce around 10,000 timber units per year.


Offsite construction cuts the cost of construction projects significantly as the requirement for labour and materials is lower. Windows and door frames can be factory fitted during manufacturing, which reduces carpentry costs, and there is less reliance on trade skills and on-site supervision. The trained erector teams require less time on site, therefore fewer members of management are required to supervise them. An accelerated build time reduce site prelim expenditure by up to 30% and provides a quicker return on capital outlay. Transportation costs are also reduced as timber systems are delivered in time for construction, and 100% of our leftover material is recycled so nothing is transported to landfill.

Based on certified products manufactured in controlled factory environments, offsite construction utilises modern technologies to simplify design, making installation easier and reducing the need for trades. Precision engineering reduces the opportunity for error, and the long-term performance of projects is guaranteed. 

How off site construction builds faster

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